Re-Trim Kits for Land Rover Defender

Heritage 1948 are proud to offer cost effective and comprehensive Re-Trim Kits to renovate your Defender Front Seats. As well as full Land Rover Defender Re-Trim Kits, we offer an extensive range of Component Parts from Covers to Seat Foams. Everything you need to renovate the Interior Trim of your Land Rover!

Unlike some of our competitors who ship their Seat manufacturing abroad, Heritage 1948 proudly produce all of our Re-Trim Kits right here in the UK, allowing us to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality.

Front Seat Retrim Kits - Full

Front Seat Retrim Kits - Just Covers

Middle Seat Retrim Kits - Full

Middle Seat Retrim Kits - Just Covers

HeadRest Re-trim Kits - Full

Foams & Componant Parts